1,499 first lieutenants, captains face July force shaping board By Stephen Losey

www.airforcetimes.com / View Original / February 12th, 2014


The Air Force is planning to cut 520 overmanned first lieutenants and captains in the biomedical sciences corps, dental corps, medical services corps and nurse corps categories this year through force shaping boards.

And 40 percent of those cuts would come from the clinical nurse career field, which is slated to lose 210 officers deemed overmanned, according to a Jan. 29 chart the Air Force released Wednesday.

Those cuts bumps the total number of overmanned airmen slated to be cut this year to 23,263. The Air Force is rolling out 18 force management programs, including the force shaping board, to enact sweeping cuts to the ranks and help it deal with the across-the-board budget cuts known as the sequester. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said last year the sequester could force the service to cut up to 25,000 airmen over the next five years. However, the Air Force has since decided to make the vast majority of its cuts this year to get it over with all at once, and not cause airmen to have to worry year after year.

The nurse corps would see the deepest cuts, with 232 total officers slated to be cut, including the clinical nurses. Another 130 dentists are also on the chopping block, as are 142 officers in 12 biomedical sciences corps career fields.

A previously released chart outlined 979 officers in the line of the Air Force and LAF-Judge Advocate categories that will face the board in July. The newly announced officer cuts brings the total facing the board to 1,499.

The Air Force Personnel Center said the numbers in all charts are subject to change and are updated periodically, but not weekly. AFPC also said the numbers are for general information and that airmen should get specific details from their military personnel section or AFPC, and that each airman must confirm his actual eligibility by contacting his unit leadership and military personnel section.

The only biomedical sciences, dental, medical services and nurse corps officers who will be vulnerable to the force shaping board cuts are in year groups 2009, 2010 and 2011. Medical corps officers are not at risk of being separated by a force shaping board. The list of at-risk career fields:

Biomedical sciences corps

42E Optometrist

42F Podiatrist

42G Physician assistant

42N Audiology/speech pathologist

42T Occupational therapist

43A Aerospace and operational physiologist

43D Dietitian

43E Bioenvironmental engineer

43H Public health

43M Medical entomologist

43P Pharmacist

43T Biomedical laboratory

Dental corps

47G Dentist

Medical service corps

41A Health services administrator

Nurse corps

46N Clinical nurse

46P Mental health nurse

46Y Privileged advanced practice nurse


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